Mofi Starter & Mofi NFT

We are planning to implement the initial derivatives such as IDO, IFO, and SHO with through the Mofi Starter project. According to our goals, we plan to start the Mofi Starter project in 2021 Q3.
But until this date, starter projects can apply. We can organize some important events for them. Airdrop etc. We plan to provide great support to the events and Starter projects before they start.
The first Starter airdrop was edited for Jaguar Swap and the airdrop has ended.

Applications for sterter:

Detailed information about the token or LP tokens…

Over the past few days, mofi has continued to be listed in many new areas. For mofi published on Coinmarketcap and similar platforms, it has also started to take place on farming announcement platforms.

Mofi made the first tests of Mofi Starter, a part of the MOFI ecosystem that he wanted to build on Defi.

In Mofi Starter tests, operations such as determining Mofi lp token or mofi token holders were performed and ended with 100% success.

In order to participate in projects that will start on Mofi starter, you must have a Mofi token or an LP token. The people who can invest in the projects that will come out of Mofi starter will be selected as a result of the lottery. …

Last year we saw tremendous growth in Ethereum for projects in the decentralized financial ecosystem, including Uniswap, Sushiswap, Aave, Curve, Compound, Yearn, and others. The Mofi team believes it is a key piece of the puzzle missing from the current basis: it’s a DeFi hub specifically for collateralized tokens.

These can be LP tokens, tokens that earn returns on projects such as yield-earning, and even newly emerging Bond tokens.

Mofi thinks that these successes will be passed on to Binance smart chain with Bnb and it carries out its work on the binance smart chain.

MOFI; Creating a DeFi platform that aims to work, including services such as yield-earning, MOFI Swap, MOFI NFT platform and Mofi Starter, this will be a first in defi.

Check out gitbook for more details.

Mofi farming, Mofiswap, Mofi NFT , Mofi Starter

Mofi farming, you can lock your LP tokens to a business of your choice and gain Mofi.

here you will have lots of choices, but you can use MOFI-BNB for example.

MOFISwap allows users to be Liquidity Provider, Farming, Staking, Exchange, Bridging Assets across chains.

MOFI NFT: You can add your own nft tokens to the nft tab and sell these nft tokens at auction or fixed price. The platform will add Mofi nft tokens as incentives and offer them for sale.

Mofi Starter: It aims to ensure that your ideas can find funds in a decentralized way.

Mofi Starter, which has been implemented in order to enable new projects to receive funding from decentralized and in cooperation with different networks, will help your project find funds through public or private sales.


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